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Ecommerce and marketplace

Online sales can be done inside an ecommerce (online store) or in a space that connects sellers, known as marketplace. Each option has particularities, such as pricing and branding. When the integrations are well planned, being present in both places is essential for the business. Count on systems for: marketplaces integrations, ERPs and online store platforms, with sales through website or Instagram.

  • Bling

    An ERP that simplifies invoice and count issuance, besides integrating major ecommerce and marketplace platforms. A system that facilitates the management of your business.

    • Stock management and sales control
    • E-invoice and regular invoice issuance.
    • Integration between e-commerces and Marketplaces.
    • Logistics integration
    • Financial and services management with Bling Digital Account.
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  • Tray

    Set up your online store with the most complete platform that integrates marketplace, social media, payment channels, shipping and customer support service.

    • Centralized sales management
    • Direct integration with 30+ marketplaces
    • Instagram bag
    • Integration with advertising platforms: Google, Meta and TikTok
    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • International and National Dropshipping
    • Transparent checkout, integration with logistics solutions, reports and much more.
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  • Bagy

    A platform of online sales for small, medium and big retailers, in an easy, quick and safe way, by using websites and Instagram. Offers integration and a good experience for clients.

    • Customizable online store.
    • No limit on products, visits and sales
    • Technical care and support – Chat & WhatsApp.
    • Landing Pages creation.
    • Payment platform and ERP integration.
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  • Ideris

    The ideals partner for your ecommerce operation, multichannel integrator for marketplace and several other sales channels. Sell more uniting several marketplaces, ERPs, and online shop platforms.

    • Integration between Marketplaces and ERP.
    • Sales channels integration.
    • Logistics and stock management
    • Prices calculator and business rules by channel.
    • Product and adds edition and tripping.
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