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Management, ERP and POS

Single system that connects all the company’s data, whether it’s from employees, sales team, suppliers or customers when those contact the company by digital means/ by POS. A system that simplifies your business, very cleverly and efficiently.

  • Bling

    An ERP that simplifies invoice and count issuance, besides integrating major ecommerce and marketplace platforms. A system that facilitates the management of your business.

    • Stock management and sales control
    • E-invoice and regular invoice issuance.
    • Integration between e-commerces and Marketplaces.
    • Logistics integration
    • Financial and services management with Bling Digital Account.
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  • ConnectPlug

    A management system – ERP, that manages your entire business, from stock to bills payment and receiving, invoice and many other modules to help with the control of your company.

    • POS Front Cash System + ERP Management
    • Self-service system
    • Mobile POS
    • Management of tables and commands
    • Hub Delivery
    • Smart Menu
    • Tap Integration
    • > Real Time App
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  • Delivery Direto

    Our own delivery platform, with orders 100% automatized and no marketplace commissions. Channeling all orders to only one platform, organizing all operation.

    • The definitive sales and marketing platform for delivery
    • WhatsApp robot
    • Sales Funnel: Know everything that happens within your platform. Visitors, cart orders, sales.
    • Interactive Digital Menu / Table Ordering and QR Code
    • The most complete solution on the market with more than 50 integrations with POS, logistics and much more.
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