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Who are we


LWSA is the union of several companies who offer different solutions that complement one another by having only one target: help businesses arise and thrive through technology.

Our story begins with Locaweb, in December of 1997, with only one Windows-based server located in California (US). Later on, we launched the hosting service for Linux-based websites. We're one of the first companies in Business to Business (B2B) solutions (business among companies) to achieve digital transformation of Brazilian businesses, taking into consideration that the website hosting market would increase even more with a partnership among contributors to develop company websites. Our main office is in São Paulo and our branches are located in 10 other cities in Brazil.

In February of 2020, Locaweb (LWSA3) made its IPO on the Brazilian stock exchange and with the raised funds, purchased other companies that complemented its solutions portfolio and continued focusing on innovation, always in its roots ever since the beginning, in order to predict market and clients demands.

With its new structure, including brand identity, today we are LWSA: 16 brands in a joint brands ecosystem that offers complete and shaped solutions for all kinds of businesses. Among our services, we offer: e-commerce platforms, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, marketplace integration, POS (point of sale), recurrence, lead generation, credit and logistics, among others.

Our values

Over the last few years, the company has invested in several actions to develop its teams and leadership, looking to maximize human potential and promote an inclusive and diverse environment, always maintaining its culture based in 10 values:


1. Passion

We give our heart and souls to our work because we are passionate about what we do.


2. Creativity

We do more with less resources, always creatively.


3. Achievement

We make ideas come true.

Trabalho em equipe

4. Teamwork

We want to make the most of our differences. We trust each other and get there together.

Diversão e descontração

5. Fun

Results are always better in a joyful environment.


6. Persistence

We don't give up on what we believe in.


7. Honesty

A pillar we live for and defend.


8. Curiosity

We are curious to search and learn from our mistakes.


9. Quality

The desire of having it well done and surpassing expectations.

O sucesso do outro é o meu sucesso

10. One's success is everyone's success

We are proud of helping each other.

Nowadays, the LWSA brand ecosystem counts on almost 4.000 people who build the future of technology every day, with hearts beating to one beat: passion for developing.

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